Because there's no shame in airing Israel's diry laundry in public.

How Israel tries to clean up its image as a violator of Palestinian human rights through misleading LGBT, environmental and Jewish identity PR campaigns.

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Seattle Jewish community leadership misrepresents Israeli LGBT pinkwashing event

By Richard Silverstein

IMPORTANT: Please donate as generously as you can on behalf of an ad I plan to publish in the Seattle JTNews in protest of its distorted coverage of the Seattle City LGBT commission’s cancellation of a reception for an Israeli LGBT delegation that was part of an Israeli government pinkwashing tour coordinated withStandWithUs.  Please spread this fundraising appeal as widely as you can through social networking and media.  The ad will be an excerpted version of this blog post.

The Israeli government and its NGO collaborators like StandWithUs discovered, some years ago, theresonance of gay rights as a cudgel in its fight against the Palestinians.  Because Islam and Arabs in general supposedly oppress homosexuals and Israel supposedly offers them full rights, the issue has been taken up by the hasbara brigades.

As part of such promotion, Israel sends LGBT delegations to the west to make the case for Israel as a bastion of civil rights compared to the Arab world.  One claim commonly heard from such speakers and promoted by StandWithUs is that the Israeli government offers a safe haven to Palestinian gays afraid for their lives after “coming out.”  The claim isn’t true as this Washington Note story confirms.  In fact, Israel has rejected at least ten such claims for asylum and sent the applicants back to the very place from which they were most afraid of retaliation.

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