Because there's no shame in airing Israel's diry laundry in public.

How Israel tries to clean up its image as a violator of Palestinian human rights through misleading LGBT, environmental and Jewish identity PR campaigns.

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Put a Rainbow on It [VIDEO]

Reteaching Gender & Sexuality recently published a Youtube video called “Put a Rainbow on It.” A spoof of Portlandia’s “Put a Bird on It,” the video “is a playful way to reference and reflect on some of the (mis)uses of the rainbow pride flag.”

In a key scene of the film, two girls are looking at an Israeli postcard, and one decides to apply a rainbow sticker to the Dome of the Rock. “Ooh, pretty,” the second girl responds. “Helps cover up their human rights record.” In an analysis on their website, the creators of the video explain: “[Brand Israel] pours millions of dollars into portraying Israel as gay-friendly and thus a progressive, inclusionary democracy, to divert attention away from the continued violation of Palestinian human rights, the occupation of Palestinian land, and the apartheid system.”

While individual examples of pinkwashing may be obvious—hanging a rainbow flag to draw gay clients, boasting of a diverse and gay-friendly staff—it is sometimes harder to spot examples on a global scale. But that is precisely what “Put a Rainbow on It” attempts to do. On their website, the creators write: “The video aims to connect a few common contradictions in claims made about safe space – from schools, to neighborhoods, to nations.

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