Because there's no shame in airing Israel's diry laundry in public.

How Israel tries to clean up its image as a violator of Palestinian human rights through misleading LGBT, environmental and Jewish identity PR campaigns.

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  • Why Pinkwashing Matters

    Last night, Jewish Voice for Peace hosted an online workshop entitled “Why Pinkwashing Matters.” The event was hosted by Wendy Elisheva Somerson and Tallie Ben Daniel, both experts on the subject. Somerson has written about pinkwashing for outlets like Tikkun and Bitch Magazine, while Ben Daniel is a Ph.D. candidate whose dissertation—Branding Israel—is currently in […]

  • Toronto Pride receives funding despite Queers Against Israeli Apartheid participation

    The term pinkwashing generally refers to the use of Israel’s “gay-friendly” image to distract from human rights abuses in Palestine. But it can also describe the censoring of Israel/Palestine discussions within queer communities, claiming the issue is too divisive or overly political. The events unfolding recently in Toronto are an example of the latter. After […]

  • Put a Rainbow on It [VIDEO]

    Reteaching Gender & Sexuality recently published a Youtube video called “Put a Rainbow on It.” A spoof of Portlandia’s “Put a Bird on It,” the video “is a playful way to reference and reflect on some of the (mis)uses of the rainbow pride flag.” In a key scene of the film, two girls are looking […]

  • Tikkun: Debating Pinkwashing

    Debating Pinkwashing (Tikkun, July 3, 2012) features Arthur Slepian’s “An Inconvenient Truth: Myths of Pinkwashing,” and four responses to that article by Katherine Franke, Wendy Elisheva Somerson, Uri Horesh, and Richard Silverstein.

  • JTA: Lesbian couple can both be child’s mother, Israeli court rules

    JTA, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, has posted this article, “Lesbian couple can both be child’s mother, Israeli court rules” on its website.   Good news! Israeli judge rules that two lesbian moms have rights to be the child’s mother. But Israel still has a long way to go: religious control over Israeli marriages means gay marriages […]

  • Israel’s pinkwashing exposed as dishonest at New York debates

    Uri Horesh The Electronic Intifada 6 April 2012 “Pinkwashing is a way to normalize Zionism in a queer context.” So said Nadia Awad, an American-born documentary filmmaker of Palestinian ancestry, at a panel titled “(Un)Occupying Territories of Gender and Sexuality in Palestine,” at the New School for Social Research in New York. “Pinkwashing” comes to the fore […]

  • Seattle Jewish community leadership misrepresents Israeli LGBT pinkwashing event

    By Richard Silverstein IMPORTANT: Please donate as generously as you can on behalf of an ad I plan to publish in the Seattle JTNews in protest of its distorted coverage of the Seattle City LGBT commission’s cancellation of a reception for an Israeli LGBT delegation that was part of an Israeli government pinkwashing tour coordinated withStandWithUs.  Please […]

  • Sponsors of Israeli group weren’t here for open dialogue

    Seattle Times, March 26, 2012 The Seattle LGBT Commission was right to cancel the reception for visiting Israeli gay leaders and its decision opens the door for true, inclusive dialogue, writes guest columnist Stefanie Fox. I love to talk. As a child, my mother constantly had to remind me not to share widely my recently […]